Our Philosophy 

The Uniqueness of Biblical Counseling is its emphasis to place final authority in absolute truth recognizing all truth comes from God, our creator, and is revealed in Holy Scripture. 

Biblical Counseling uses these guiding truths:

Everyone holds great and eternal value because they are created in the image of God and therein bear His image.

Everyone since the first man, Adam, has inherited a sin nature and therefore chooses to break communion with God and other people because of their choices.

The Bible is the foundational authority by which all counsel must be derived and is sufficient for anyone experiencing relational, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Redemption, restoration, healing, hope and transformation are all possible because of the finished work Jesus accomplished on the cross. 

Grace, not guilt is the motivation or change agent necessary for transformation.

Psychological trauma and physiological needs may impair clients from understanding and applying biblical truth, therefore these needs must be addressed prior to or as a part of the therapy.